Modern-salon ‘OKCI”
Rent, sale and production :

1. Children’s dresses to first communion

  • Lush, trapetsevydni;
  • White, pink, with a touch, color;
  • Variety of fabrics and textures (satin, hepyur, fatin, organza, krystalin, chiffon, corrugations, taffeta …);
  • Decorating beads, traps, stones, beads, satin, crystals, pearls, embroidered appliqués, decorative flowers, with ribbons and constructive cut.

2. Capes, capes, pidzhachky, rollers
3. Accessories

  • jewelry

1. Collier;

  • gloves
  • handbags

Different forms, sizes and finishes.

  • wreaths in her hair for girls in First Communion
  • candles