Modern-salon “OKCI”


rent, sale and production:

1. Weddind dresses

      • curvy, trapezoidal, narrow;
      • white, pink, with shades (blue, pink, silver, cold, purple, red, beige);
      • a variety of fabrics and textures (satin, lase, openwork, fatin, organza, krystalon, chiffon, kiltind, taffeta…);
      • decoration beads, seguins, stones, crystals, pearls, embroidered appliqués, decorative flowers, shnurochkamy, ribbons and constructive cut.

2. Veil

      • different configurations, shapes, lengths, splendor and decoration.

3. Coats, capes, coats, capes. 4. Accessories:

      • imitation jewelry

1) tiaras: high, medium, low, with hints; 2) Necklace: with earring, clips, bracelets, rings, with shades; 3) Hair clips in hair 4) hoops in her hair.

      • gloves

1) Different length; 2) Satin, transparent, hepyurovi and cuffed, with her fingers, one finger. Decorating on request

      • basket
      • candles
      • pillow for wedding rings
      • “affair” at the foot of the bride
      • decoration for bridal bouquet
      • mens ties and handkerchiefs
      • umbrella
      • decoration for champagne

5. We offer services:

    • customized tailoring dresses any style
    • Selection of accessories in the same style
    • Custom-made jewelry